Angry Birds Space for Nokia Lumia Available Soon

Nokia has just announced an agreement with the Rovio company to carry Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone platform, exclusively for Nokia Lumia Series . The Finns have their birds and pissed off, and also in outer space.

It was said at the launch Angry Birds Space on its Windows Phone, and some other controversy that was about it. That is settled and the two companies have reached a trade agreement, not only to bring the Nokia big birds Lumia, if not all games besides Rovio.

A part of this agreement, Nokia has come to others with the company, also creator of games, Electronic Arts, which will create the version for Windows Phone from popular games such as FIFA, NBA Jam, Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR or Yahtzee.

And now you said at the time responsible for Rovio, have birds in the Windows Phone devices space and now will not take much to see them making mischief against pigs.