Nokia Drive and Transport for Nokia Lumia, Upcoming Changes

Have leaked the new features that will have two applications for Windows Phone Nokia stars, this is Nokia Transport version 2.0 and Nokia Drive version 3.0, both exclusive to the Nokia Lumia.

It appears that both updates are about to be released and we must admit that changelogs are amazing, although some of these new features will only be available by the time the United States.

Nokia Drive 3.0 for Nokia Lumia Changelog:

  • The application will calculate routes based on driving style
  • The detection of real-time traffic, with dedicated live tile
  • Route calculation around traffic
  • The automatic determination of time of day, with the subsequent change in the color scheme of the maps
  • Manual adjustment paths
  • Lists of favorite routes Off-line, with the ability to place the tiles on the desktop.

Nokia Transport 2.0 Changelog:

  • Search for vehicles according to their position
  • Displaying all means of transport in the vicinity
  • Display the calculated route
  • Support to 87 different countries
  • Support for quick access to favorites
  • Advanced Search
  • chronology
  • optimized search
  • Improves application performance