Windows Phone Apollo could be tested in Nokia Lumia 900

Spread the net a photograph that could be evidence that Windows Phone Apollo and would be tested on a Nokia Lumia 900. There is nothing official, but it might clear some doubts about future updates.

The photographs come from the blog PhoneArena and show what looks like a Nokia 900 running Windows Lumia Phone Apollo, we must look at the top right corner of the phone. Although one can not put your hand in the fire that this picture is that of the Nokia Lumia 900. There is talk that it might be a new Nokia phone.

Another detail to doubt everything that is not shown in the picture the classic three-button Windows Phone (Back, Windows and Search). So all of this may be nothing more than a gimmick like so many others that are released to the network.

In any case, neither Nokia nor Microsoft have given still face on the issue of updating Windows Phone devices already on the market. That’s the first thing you should do both partners.