Download VP Reader for iPhone

VoodooPad that since version 4.1 include the ability to export your documents to an iPhone or iPod touch. To coincide with the launch customer for VP Reader is also free on the App Store for iPhone users and iPod touch.

The notepad application VoodooPad Flying Meat is a Mac application, which appears to be most useful features important updates. The latest version is no exception. The developer Gus Mueller launched VoodooPad 4.2.2, and also unveiled a shiny new VoodooPad application for the iPhone, named VP Reader along with it. VP Reader allows users to VoodooPad view your documents on an iPhone or iPod touch.

VoodooPad already won a number of new features with the previous version, but news of the symbiosis with the iPhone should be especially good for many users of the application Once users have the new version of Reader VoodooPad and VP, the command ” Export to iPhone “syncs your documents with an iPhone or iPod touch via WiFi. The VP application Reader does not seem to have editing capabilities, but is compatible with several documents and is free, so it’s certainly something to install, if you VoodooPad user. Developers can also take a look if they wish, as Mueller has published the source code of VP Reader.