Viber for Nokia Lumia 900/800/710/610

The owners of a Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710 or 610 have a reason to be happy with your smartphone, since shortly Viber application is available for Windows Phone 7 devices.

If anyone still does not know Viber, at present only available for iPhone OS and Android, saying that with this application you can send text messages and make calls via VoIP completely free to all those of our contacts who have installed the application on your smartphone.

WMPoweruser the portal has been reported that Viber be available for Windows phones, or series phones Nokia Lumia, within one week. It seems to take almost a year working on this version, so it was time. And all because of a user is determined to know when to be ready Viber application for Windows Phone. You no longer have to wait much longer than a week to start using it.

Now we just need to download the application Viber and start saving big money on phone calls and text messages. That for these times is not bad. By the way, we are also waiting Viber for Nokia Belle for just over a month to see what comes before.