Free Download Samsung Chaton Client for BlackBerry

As promised since its initial launch, the messaging application platform Samsung Chaton already has a BlackBerry client available directly on the site, although at present only supports the Torch 9800 (expected to soon be more compatible devices).

With the release of version for smartphones from RIM, we have confirmation that Samsung wants an application to compete on equal terms with BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp, backed by a company as important as the Korean and native applications for Bada, Android and IOS.

Chaton allows us to send text messages for free with any of our contacts who also use the application regardless of the platform they use, in addition to the advantage of having a desktop client with an interface accessible from any web browser.

They also confirmed that in a few weeks will be releasing version for Windows Phone Chaton, so eventually would be coming to all major mobile platforms at the time, adding extra value to your application which now has much wider application.