New Firmware v1600.3013.8107.11502 for Nokia Lumia 710

The Nokia Lumia 710 has just received a firmware update for your hardware. This is 1600.3013.8107.11502 version with some interesting enhancements such as improved sound from your speaker.


  • Improved service calls to numbers that include the characters * and #
  • Easier to use with text messages (international characters, longer messages)
  • Improved sound quality speaker built in

This is a firmware upgrade the device firmware version of the operating system remains unchanged, ie, version 7.10.8107.79. To update you should install the Zune software (Windows) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac OS) on your PC. Then we just need to connect Nokia Lumia 710 to PC, running Zune and click “Settings> Device> Update”