Landscape TV OUT: View contents of the iPhone with a Composite AV Cable

Applying Landscape TV OUT was recently launched, allows you to use a monitor or TV to view and listen to games, applications, videos or just music from the iPhone, but more importantly, without having to buy the Apple Composite AV Cable 40 €, replacing cheaper one. I bought mine for 9 €, and after suffering with installing patches dangerous and difficult to use, I got this application.

The get on Cydia (Big Boss Repo) and Landscape TV Out (Version to date: V 1.60-1)

What can be done with a composite AV cable?

  • Show presentations of applications for the iphone to make customers: If you want to impress your bosses with the new development you’ve done with X-Code, and do not want to have to be passing your hand in your hand to see your dancing ants, better take it to a room with overhead projector and you’re phenomenal. I’ve done with the games that I’m programming and look great on my screen 21 “I should be taking it to a Digital Cinema.
  • Watch movies or videos you have saved on a giant screen: If you have a video, which has the advantage that does not crash unexpectedly in a presentation, as well. It also applies if you’re with your chic @ and you want to see a movie saved, then install VLC and plays on TV from home or hotel. Or if you have an application of psychedelic colors and festivity no VJ, as you take care of putting color to your case.

The application does not generate an icon on the SpringBoard, but you can configure settings, down altogether. Toggle to Force has a TV Out, forcing the iPhone much against their will to use my cheap cable. It also has settings for screen size and other things I have not touched.

The Good: Free. At the moment the application solves the problem, because even though the alert-device-not-iPhone is, it disappears quickly and no more, fooling the phone for 2 things: Let him think that Apple is facing a device, and to re -manage the display of the applications you want, with certain exceptions.

The Bad: Not YouTube or iPod, and most native applications, ie those that come by default on the iPhone, worked. I run Maps, Compass, Time. And pay some applications, such as TomTom and Navigon GPS for example, did not work.

The other thing is that although I have seen videos of Car-Audio, where they interact with games while watching the screen of the car, I do not work well, maybe I should investigate further but with X-Plane, my favorite game, I to manipulate the plane’s controls. And some applications out of box, maybe something in the settings are correct.

Now, there will be some who say, Why do not you buy an original cable?

Because Apple wants to charge you extra for their beautiful manzanita, for that.

The issue is, that Apple too good looking to market their products to the point that apparently mini-chips inserted anti-piracy in their own cables, docks, chargers, etc.. Obviously, any other cable, having no such chip is Rejected by the iPhone, claiming it could cause interference with the phone, inviting us to enter Airport-Mode, which solves nothing.

With this, Apple has engaged in a sort of legal monopoly, as the cable is nothing more than that, a cable, and others have done the same, but without over-charging for the product.