Fifa 12 and NBA JAM for Android available to download

After being available for download from the App Store carrying IOS devices, here are the two most anticipated titles from EA Sports also landed on Google Play, ready to be downloaded and installed on the device with the operating system so dear to us .

To all those who like simulations of real games, you can not find in Fifa 12 and NBA Jam video games that are for them. Both have very good graphics and the players seem to be more realistic than previous games. In particular, in the case of NAB JAM, the head of the players turns out to be larger than the body, perhaps a particular wanted to improve the visualization of the face of the players and at the same time, probably, a desired found to elicit a certain kind of hilarity .

Sure, the price is not really appealing to both titles, which are offered at € 3.99, but the lovers of this kind of game they did not want to miss a great addition to gameplay, graphics at the top thanks to the improvement of the buttons touchscreen display, will hardly have the opportunity to sfuggirsi Fifa 12 and NBA JAM on your device.