Barbarian The Death Sword for iPhone Arrives on the App Store

Barbarian – The Death Sword!, Released for the first time in 1987 on the Amstrad PC, is now available on App Store for iPad version. In this game you play as the strongest of warriors in order to free the Princess Mariana, held captive and prey of the sorcerer Drax. To save the princess you pass through different environments and face many enemy warriors.

The new Barbarian is characterized by the same gameplay of the original game, which, with a single button to attack and 8 possible directions, allowing multiple combinations of strokes (8 attacks, including the famous decapitation, 4 parries dodges and 4) to use judiciously. Even the soundtrack is the original title.

Before starting the game, the player can choose between two levels of difficulty “Normal” and “Hardcore”. It is also possible to challenge a friend connected to the same wireless network on another iPhone or iPad. The graphics, however, was slightly improved and made in 3D.

The Barbarian Death Sword is available on the App Store at a price of 2.99 €.