Borderlands 2 for Android

Borderlands is a unique free roaming fps on the Xbox 360 and PS3, that exit drew attention with its distinctive art style (cell shading graphics very accurate) and the ability to recombine the weapons, creating new ones increasingly destructive . The result, always waited for the Xbox and PS3, will also its Android devices, unfortunately, only those with Tegra chip 3 (but it could be only temporary as that of an exclusive Shadowgun)

We have many more details. The game console is scheduled for September, but we do not know if the mobile version will have delays, and not even know if it will be limited or equal to the Xbox version.
However, the news should be welcomed because it indicates how the gaming on the Android platform is evolving very quickly, although for the moment only on Nvidia platforms. But by September can change many things and knows that it is not announced a version for devices with qualcomm chips or exynos.