Bada 2.0 update for Samsung Wave 2

Holders of a Samsung Wave 2 are in luck. Commented the company itself through its official Facebook account that was waiting for an update to users who have the second generation model of Samsung S8500 Wave. This is the next version of the Bada operating system, known as Bada 2.0.

Although Bada 2.0 is now available in the latest Samsung mobile family Wave-such as Samsung Wave 3 – is now the turn of mobile update already in the manufacturer’s catalog in a while. The last to receive the latest version of the proprietary operating system is the Samsung Wave 2, a full touch phone and the public about a mid-range smartphone with very good finishes.

With Bada 2.0, the Samsung Wave 2 will get some improvements, such as: the ability to further customize the home screen with widgets and shortcuts to applications. In addition, it also adds multitasking performance, allowing the user to run more than one application at a time, as well as a redesigned user interface which was more attractive.

For now, upgrading to Bada 2.0 is only available for the Samsung Wave 2 that is free, the units have been acquired with a permanent contract with an operator has not updated date. On the other hand, the first model Samsung S8500 Wave-Bada received the upgrade to 2.0 last week. However, the company has had to remove the software from the database to fix some bugs and improve some features.

Finally, to update the Samsung Wave 2, the user must only connect the terminal to the computer through a USB port and run the software Samsung Kies, who will be responsible for contacting the owner of the phone that has an update available and put all the software smartphone’s memory.