Ekboo v.1.0.1 for Blackberry (Encrypt BBM Chat on Blackberry)

Ekboo is a plugin for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) can protect the privacy of textual conversations (chats) between two users of BBM.

Ekboo BBM is a “connected application BBM.” Encryption
The main feature is Ekboo is confidentiality of data, in fact, users communicate using encrypted messages Ekboo RSA asymmetric key algorithm (512 bit encryption) FEATURE: Through Ekboo can contact the contacts that are in your list of BlackBerry Messenger and invite you to download the application if not already installed it and then run it. Only when Ekboo starts first time, set the environment and requires a restart of the device.

The first time you launch the application, contact lists empty. The user may in its discretion, invite Ekboo some or all contacts that are already on the list of BBM. Ekboo offers additional features that make it a powerful tool that can make communication very efficient and able to adapt to various conditions of use and operational situations.

Key Exchange on the fly
The ability to generate and exchange new keys at any time during the conversation increases safety.

Ekboo, in a manner transparent to the user, communicates receiving and reading each message sent to the recipient, even in case of temporary unread messages.

These temporary jobs can be sent to the user and displayed for a preset TIMEON chat.

Once the set time expires, messages are deleted and when the user has not been able to read it before it expires, the sender is notified through an error symbol. Textbomb mode can be enabled or disabled, the latter is the default mode. You can configure a single delivery or mode textbomb entire chat without having to select this function on a per message.

Chat open distance
Ekboo users have the option to terminate the conversation with another user through a menu command in the conversation, even without user consent.

Panic Button
Pressing a digit configurable for more than 5 seconds Ekboo allows you to cancel and close all conversations currently have.

Locking pin chat
You can set a PIN to block access to chat rooms to unauthorized persons
To increase security, all conversations and generated content is not stored on the device. Each time the device or the application is restarted, all data will be lost Ekboo.

OS Required: 5.0.0 or higher
This application is priced at $ 14.99 USD