Solution for Firmware Problem with Cydia and 3.x

For weeks they go into Cydia to get an error that allowed me access even after normal, I was very upset and he made reference to some repos that ended not working, and could not give it go too much until today, where it already not only gave me this error is also no longer me or the apps out, which already serious thought, well, for I found the solution, at least in my case.

This requires access to the iPhone, that is, the folder hierarchy, BEFORE, I recommend you double backup with iTunes for official and AptBackup apps, which I take for fact, you have installed and will serve to back Apps safety downloaded from Cydia. Having secured all the content, download iPhoneBrowser, its latest version, even BETA works very well.

Access to the path: / etc / apt / sources.list.d where you find Cydia.list.

Make a copy of this file and clicking on SAVE AS, you can put it on the desktop and save it to a folder, [WARNING] This file is NOT touch it in case something goes wrong, you will have another, but this is an endorsement by if something goes wrong in the process and file is corrupted, in principle, I should have to resort to it, but leave it there, just in case, always keep an unaltered copy. Now, repeat the process and this will be the modifiquéis SI, it can save on your desktop.

Double-click the file, you asked that program opens, select the Notepad, you will see a series of addresses, you have 2 options here, just to find one that you suspect is the cause and try to hit / error or remove the complete list and leave the blank file, click File and Save (not save as, to preserve formatting. list).

IPhoneBrowser you return to the file and click the right mouse button and DELETE FILE, the following is no longer drag the Cydia.list directions.

From this point, the theory is that he would come back to work, but it may happen that some error (s) repo (s), this step is somewhat easier, and leaving a message / error window and informs us of the that conflict, taking note of them and follow these steps.

Using access iPhoneBrowser: / private / var / lib / apt / lists, here we will see a list of files with the name of each repo, only has to look for or giving problems and after doing a backup (as explained above ) elimination.

That’s all, with these steps, you would have to return everything to normal or get errors if at least be able to enter and be able to use Cydia, which is important.

[NOTE]: In my particular case the repo was giving me problems and I had to delete from step 1 and 2, I write this, because perhaps you do the same, albeit with another repo But ALWAYS make a backup of anything cambiéis or eliminéis.