Leaked Symbian Belle RC2 for Nokia N8

Again the interesting news leaks in store us. This time has been the emergence of a ROM that contains the Belle RC2 for Symbian Nokia N8. Judging by the evidence, a video graphics can appreciate the high performance of this new version of Symbian.

Although no official news or a date for its official launch, Symbian Belle is now available for the Nokia N8. Of course, unofficially and customized by a user. This is possible due to leakage of the second Symbian Ralease Belle Candidate, which will further optimization of the operating system.

Advances in Belle
Good news for owners of Nokia N8. Although Nokia recently left us on tenterhooks after communicating the updates for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian phones were delayed, now appears a Symbian Belle ROM that allows us to verify the changes and enhancements that will bring the new operating system version of the Nokia N8 . Still less will be the official version, but the fact that it is marking the RC2 makes us optimistic for the first samples through a custom ROM based on this version are very promising.

The video, about eight minutes, review the operation of custom RC2 Belle Symbian for Nokia N8. From the outset, is truly breathtaking fluidity smartphone. This is due to the optimization of software for the Nokia N8 remember is inside a 680 MHz processor transitions, screen rotation, effects, scroll … everything flows normally, smooth or jerky so annoying at times. The creator of the video also shows the performance of new widgets and configuration. Undoubtedly, performance and optimization are the words that come to mind after viewing the video. What do you think? ┬┐You notice significant changes?

For holders of Nokia N8, there is a forum from which you can see the change log for this version of Symbian Belle and a long list of catches. You also have the link to download the ROM for you to be familiar with installing custom ROMs.