Silent Ops HD for Android [Review and Walktrough]

Silent Ops HD looks like a simple action-stealth, which borrows some mechanical seen and proven by the famous SplinterCell Ubisoft and the amalgam of his own hand, giving life to a title succeeded only partially. We are now going to look more closely at every aspect of this latest production Gameloft.

PLOT: Rating 7
The storyline “knows already seen”, but still manages to give in his small moments of suspense and adrenaline through different points of view. The Cardinal, imprisoned by a mysterious criminal organization, is subjected to experiments that are involved along with 3 other secret agents and their memories, through which retrace the history of each one and enter to do so in possession of information top secret.

GAMEPLAY: 4.5 rating
During the course of events, we will play as all 3 agents involved in the plot, each characterized by very specific skills: dressing, therefore the role of Jack, an expert in the use of weapons and combat skills, Yuri, master in ‘ Nicole and then use the sniper, specializing in computer hacking. Everyone, therefore, will have these characteristics to overcome the various layers that make up the story, giving a bit of variety in complex situations that would otherwise insufficiently robust. To make things much more pressing, we introduced the classical system of the quick time event that, by simply pressing the keys indicated on the screen, each sequence will make the game interactive and rewarding.
Chases, sparatoie, secret organizations and whatnot, all in full style spy story. In contrast, the lack of accuracy in the controls and level of difficulty miscalibrated, do not make the overall experience very successful, thus undermining a final otherwise more than adequate. Each movement is difficult to manage, not allowing the player to carefully plan the various movements between one location and another. Also, the stealth component has just been sketched contours and included only in situations that would otherwise be resolved by shooting and melee combat, and also just finished poorly supported by a camera in constant anxiety that has struggled to accurately track the movements of the protagonist , thus making these frustrating situations and handled with extreme superficiality. Still, the checkpoints have been completely overlooked by developers, forcing the player to restart a level you do not stab has been completed fully. Many shortcomings that will surely leave a bad taste in your mouth. To revive the fortunes of a single player otherwise flat and short duration, has been incorporated a multiplayer mode that can partly compensate for the gaps left in the main campaign, without disrupting gameplay always limited and not very functional, but able to donate more satisfaction as a whole.

TECHNIQUE: Rating 6.5
The graphics component has been well cared for and detailed in many respects, with a yield generally well managed and in line with other productions Gameloft. Ben made the polygonal character models and environments, the latter, however, limited to some gross lack of structure, as evident penetrations and walk in space, even going to affect the overall structure of the game.

In conclusion, this Silent Ops HD is definitely a title that could aspire to goals well beyond what is proposed, but in fact lies in a range of users just fans, wanting an immediate end to take in around a few hours of play. Available soon on Android Market Gameloft.