The Best Apps for Bloggers who use iPhone / iPod Touch

In the technology magazine Wired is echoed about a list of 10 applications, according to WP Beginner, could not miss on the iPhone / iPod Touch from a Blogger. The list covers applications for all types of functions from publication and connection to organization and content management.

WordPress for iPhone – App for Posting to WordPress.

ShapeWriter – intelligent writing system on the iPhone / iPod Touch through continuous strokes on the keyboard with tactile shape recognition.

Twitterrific – Twitter client for iPhone / iPod Touch

Evernote – Complete tool for information management and productivity, able to save notes, photos, lists and more.

Jott for iPhone – Writing system through voice dictation.

Byline – Implementation focused on reading RSS also integrates with your Google Reader account

Omnifocus – Application to control tasks and projects and organization GTD.

Fring for iPhone – Instant messaging client with support for VoIP and connection to Google Talk, AIM, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and Twitter.

Pixel Pipe – Complete tool oriented to the publication of images in over 50 different sites including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress and more.

Air Sharing – Allows you to use your iPhone as a disk Wirless for transferring information, useful when you have at hand the USB cable

In my opinion the iPhone Tweetie client is much better than the basic Twitterrific, while in the section of the instant messaging client for me eBuddy wins against Fring, I have experience in it, generally recognized and options.

But not everything is going to be on the list discenir, Evernote, Byline and I just love WordPress

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