How to Reset Permissions of iTunes and Apple ID

You have reached the 5 associations on your Apple ID and now that you have formatted the PC and you have to reauthorize you are in the unfortunate situation can not do it anymore? Nine desperate, there is always the opportunity to go back and reset all the associations on our Apple ID, so you can put 5 new permissions again (5 Windows PC or Mac). Actually the procedure is very simple I will explain first with a step by step guide on how to reset the associations of iTunes 5 and later with a video guide that will take even if you have any doubts. Let’s start now: open iTunes, and select from the menus, the “Store” (you can enlarge images by clicking on them).

Then select “Login” for being allowed to make changes:

Let’s go back to “store” and select “View My Account”:

Account summary screen, you’ll see a heading “Authorize Computer” on the right you can see, if you have allowed at least 3 pc-mac, a key that will allow you to delete associations. (Not shown in the screen).

once performed the procedure, we allow our car today, and see that iTunes will confirm that everything went according to the rules.

Authorization – Here’s an explanatory video guide to take away all doubt and proceed with the reset of the associations of our Apple ID and iTunes: