Symbian Anna Update for Nokia N8

Small updates are coming for Symbian Nokia N8 Anna, in this case as a “service pack” option. According to the website MyNokiaBlog comes automatically after performing another update for the N8, the v25. If you do not see in the terminal, it does appear in Nokia Ovi Suite.

Apparently this new update is seeking greater stability of the system, get a smoother ride through the messages and geo faster. However, according to tests carried out since it seems that initially MyNokiaBlog not received notification of the existence of such an update “minor” and that has given them an installation failure on the N8. Now, “Anna Symbian service pack” does appear clearly through the Nokia Ovi Suite with the terminal connected to a computer, and even after they have been updated to v25.

The “service pack” for Symbian Anna is listed as “optional” in the updates and not as “important”, but it is recommended by the developers themselves to improve performance and use of intelligent terminal, in this case, the Nokia N8 . Among other things because it makes scrolling through messages and get faster on the geolocation of the images when making photos.

The best way that does not appear any error is to do it through Nokia Ovi Suite, noting the “Symbian Anna service pack.” Even if you’ve downloaded the update v25, it is certain that this “service pack” has already appeared on the phone.

Since the Nokia N8 received the update to Symbian Anna, it seems that the manufacturer has begun to release these small updates in order to be improving some aspects. That is, instead of completely revolutionizing the operating system, implementing small improvements rather go always to improve performance and facilitate the use of equipment. It is important to update your computer whenever you can and when the manufacturer provides these improvements because we can get more out of your smartphone.