Pro Soccer Zombie for iPhone and iPod

Everyone knows that the level of interest in zombies is an important gauge of the degree of “frikismo” staff. Between level 1 “I like the Resident Evil” and 9.5 (because perfection does not exist) from “I dress like zombies and me neighbor’s cat again” I would be a 5 (without rhyme) Scratch . But the fact is that when I first saw “Zombie Pro Soccer,” has drawn a smile on my mug. For zombies, sprites for his work in two dimensions, clearly casual style or because after the game is a Spanish study called modest Dimensional Hyper Mega Super Awesome Team, composed of people who worked among other projects in Worms Crush and The Wheelman.

Make no mistake, the “Furbol” will not be here more than an excuse to dismantle a squad whipped putrid bodies. As you can see in the following video, the mechanics of the game is so simple and addictive, and passes the hole, no walls, no movement at 360 degrees, one turnover, good aim and a great sense of humor. Ideal for a platform like Iphone / Ipod Touch. You can not deny that there was a perfect launch on these dates, but is expected to be available later this year. If the memo Leon Kennedy had had a ball.

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