LG Optimus 3D Official Update Includes 3D Game Converter

LG has officially released an update that will allow cardholders to enjoy the LG Optimus 3D greater amount of content in three dimensions. More specifically, the 3D application including Game Converter transforms any 2D game in a unique three-dimensional experience.

Since the release of the LG Optimus 3D biggest challenge of the South Korean manufacturer would be not only encourage sales but offer attractive prices to the user friendly content enough to enjoy its unique three-dimensional viewing screen.

Expand compatible content, the key
Although it still has some way to go, LG is still struggling to show the user that the LG 3D Optimus is a smartphone capable of transmitting the most incredible multimedia and gaming experience in the industry. The secret lies in its display, capable of reproducing three-dimensional content without glasses. However, there is an obstacle difficult to overcome, more so when applied technology, Parallax Barrier, pioneered the smartphone market. The contents are not generated consistent with the speed necessary to be consistent ecosystem, so that the Asians, plus YouTube channel 3D, 3D Game put on the market Converter.

Converter with a single button
As you can guess from previous news where you put them in history, this application will be magical and make them happier to holders of three-dimensional LG phone since it is the inexhaustible source of 3D games. How? Actually the procedure is simple because once installed, so just press the button to switch phone 3D 2D to 3D mode and vice versa.

However, we must talk shades. The application will offer a sense of depth in games that support OpenGL. Regarding configuration, the user can select the degree of intensity of the effect of depth to adjust the image to our personal preferences.

Other projected changes
Besides this update, officially available from now and that includes a performance by optimizing the system and the default installation of 3D Game Converter, the manufacturer plans to launch as many updates. As enshrined in the press release, the objective will include new features that enhance the multimedia section of the device. Among these new features we see a 3D video editor to create compatible content from your own smartphone. They also hope to offer the possibility to convert 2D video into 3D video stabilizer contained in the recording of 2D and a substantial improvement in audio playback and compatibility with Dolby Mobile.