The Future of the Games on Android: Modern Combat 3 and Shadowgun

Both MadFinger Games and Gameloft will as much to talk about with the release of their upcoming games to Android: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Shadowgun, respectively, as they show some graphics never before seen in our terminals, very similar to a console dedicated to the game.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

If Gameloft surprised you with the graphics displayed on their already famous games like Modern Combat 2 HD: Black Pegassus, NOVA 2, backstab … get ready because soon you’ll be amazed even more. The company says that Modern Combat 3 will be full of large-scale fights, and judging by the graphics, they are right. Fallen Nation focuses on James Walker who leads the task force called Anvil-1 to the enemy camp. Faced against mercenaries, terrorists and a traitor who want nothing but to see fall to the nation he served.

On the other hand, MadFinger Games has prepared another game with excellent graphics: Shadowgun. The same takes place in the year 2350 and you are John Slade, the most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission is to eliminate the manic genius Dr. Edgar Simon and destroy his army mutant.

Both games promise a lot: great graphics and hours of fun. However, so far has not been specified which devices will be compatible with these games but specifications are known to require advanced multi-core devices. There will be a version for Tegra 2 and one for Kal-El.