The Whole Samsung Wave Family Update to Bada 2.0

Samsung Bada 2.0, the new version of Samsung’s operating system for the whole family will Samsung Wave. It was initially believed that only the new models: Samsung Wave 3, Wave M Samsung Samsung Wave Y, would be responsible for carrying the new icons installed Bada. However, from the official Twitter account of the company has revealed that for the last quarter of this year 2011, Bada 2.0 will be released as update for all phones Wave of European territory, gradually.

Therefore, Wave Samsung phones like Samsung or Samsung Wave 2 Wave 723 may also enjoy the renewed Samsung mobile platform. This has been thanks to the answers given by the manufacturer to the site Sammy Twitter Hub. However, the South Korean manufacturer has also indicated that they have taken into account the limitations that some terminals and some models have not receive all the news of the new OS. Instead they release different updates customized for each case.

But what adds to Bada Wave 2.0 on Samsung mobile? For a start has been redesigned user interface having available more icons shortcuts to different applications installed. Another aspect is the display of renewed blockade, in which, from now on, the user receives weather information.

Samsung has jumped on the multitasking performance. And Bada 2.0, the user can run more than one application at a time without having to go by opening and closing them every time you use them. On the other hand, is also enhanced web browsing experience with the latest version of Dolphin browser and appropriate improvements in the photo gallery or media player, to which air has given a lot like Android . Finally, users complained that there was no Bada instant messaging service, Samsung includes a call of his latest creations.