Free Download Nokia Ovi Maps for IOS and Android

From now on, users of IOS and Android will be able to enjoy the famous Nokia Maps, Ovi Maps, live on their smartphone. While this is not an application itself is available for Android and IOS, Nokia offers users a place in HTML5 trying to capture the public on other platforms.

The fierce competition between mapping applications, makes Nokia open its market in some way for the rest of the platforms, and although many of us just found in Google Maps everything we need, Nokia wants everyone to test their maps before making the final decision.

And this is the step that was missing from Nokia with its wonderful app Nokia Maps, Ovi Maps before, to have the projection and good, but nothing to show that all you have to offer, as you know, only on Nokia devices is natively.

As you can see in the video, this browser looks to be an app is already running on Android though IOS and hour when beta, has a very simple design. His address is Lets you browse maps of various countries, plan routes you drive or walk and follow your movements if you have GPS enabled. Android has keys to make approach and in IOS is through the gesture of approach (if you only see a map html5 still that you can zoom in and tells you to download to your computer).

Surely soon we will surprise Nokia officially to include all the features you have on computers with Symbian and alliances with other companies where they will offer their maps. Below is a screenshot of how it looks on an iPhone.

Sounds like a great alternative to Google Maps and you do not run this service only on WP, though I wonder if it will be free on other platforms.

To better understand how it works in HTML5 created this site for users of Android and IOS, Nokia is a video demonstrating it: