The Best File Browser for BlackBerry Playbook

Until today, the BlackBerry playbook tablet does not contain a ‘native explorer. He thought the File Browser with many features to help you navigate through all the files and folders of your playbook and those present of the BlackBerry handheld’s microSD memory card when you are ‘connected to the tablet with the BlackBerry Bridge.

In a nutshell File Browser is an amazing file manager and fully functional. You can move, delete, rename, and create zip files and folders on your playbook and BlackBerry smartphones. The interface is easy to use and allows users to switch between the thumbnails to view more information ‘details on file.

In terms of features, files can be opened with their associated program directly from the same application. The navigation is perfect so you can open a Word file with a few touches and then open a music file.

File Browser available for Playbook at BlackBerry App World in about 1 €.