Download Facebook for BlackBerry V 2.0 Now Integration with BlackBerry Messenger and I Like Notifications

If you follow your Facebook friends directly from the handheld BlackBerry will make ‘good to know that RIM is further developing its native application dedicated to this social network. In fact, Facebook for BlackBerry BlackBerry has been updated again in the Beta Zone.

This is an update for version 2.0, which introduces some new features and significant. RIM has introduced advanced notifications, integration with the BlackBerry Messenger, a toolbar, touch, notifications ‘I like’ and much more.

New features of Facebook for BlackBerry include:

  • Notifications: Now you get a warning for each “I like”. The notification does not miss a moment in your social life. By default, notifications will be set an hour rate, but you can control every time you want to update by selecting the menu ‘;
  • Cross-Channel Messaging: Facebook share content across the BlackBerry messaging applications;
  • Improved integration with native applications BlackBerry: better integration with native BlackBerry applicaizoni as the BBM;
  • Error Reporting In-App: a new tool to report the presence of bugs within the application;
  • Toolbar Touch touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone users with the icons will compose, reply and delete the bar along the bottom of the screen of the device for a quick and easy access;

This latest beta update ‘currently available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but an official version will not be long’ being available to all users.