Download Stanza Ebook Reader for iPhone

Today I bring you a short article / tutorial on STANZA, for me the best iPhone Ebook Reader for the moment. I’ve tried several, such as Eucalyptus, Wattpad and several readers of PDF, but in a nutshell, this is the best result that has given me the most simple to use, and which has better settings.

Actually, for this type of reading is usually used PDF format, but today I discovered a little known format and therefore, little used, which is the EPUB (electronic publication). Then I leave a short tutorial to download and use the STANZA:


EPUB (Electronic name from publication) is a standard format for electronic books created by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB is a scalable format, ie a EPUB digital book content is marked, but does not anchor format, which adapts to the different screens of multiple electronic book readers market.


Transfer of books via the USB cable (for epub or eReader). Then Download and install the iPhone Explorer program (for both files Windows and Mac are on. Rar attached), which lets you transfer files to your iPhone using the USB cable. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable and run the iPhone explorer. Click on the “Change Root” and select the “/ var / mobile / Media / DCIM /” creates a new folder with the “New Folder” and rename it to Stanza for what the board should look like:
“/ Var / mobile / Media / DCIM / Stanza”

Browse your computer books, or ePub eReader format and drag the folder “Stanza”. The next time you open the application Stanza, all books in that folder will be loaded automatically (and eliminated).

Note: any other software that can transfer files to your iPhone can be used for this method of transferring your books. When you open the Stanza program, any file that is in the folder “/ Var / mobile / media / DCIM / stanza” will be imported into Stanza.

Manual Site extracted from the creators of Stanza (, translated and adapted by me for the whole community of readers on the iPhone. Stanza can download for your iPhone from here Although there is a more simple form, at least for Windows users, and download the DESKTOP STANZA..

Once installed, open the ebook, click on “tools” and check “Enable Sharing”.

Finally, activate the WIFI on the iPhone, and we’ll open Stanza “LIBRARY” click on “BOOKS SHARED” and there we should see the group name of the computer network, a puncture and we will get the book that had opened in the STANZA DESKTOP.Simplemente give to “Download” and “READ NOW” and sefiní! then we can adjust both the brightness of the screen by sliding your finger up or down on the iPhone screen, invert the background color and letters (white background black letters, black background with white lettering), adjust the text size, etc..