Create BlackBerry Messenger Avatar with for BlackBerry Avatar Builder

RIM has released two applications for BlackBerry smartphones with which we can create our own custom avatar to the BlackBerry Messenger. It is the Avatar Builder Edition Guys and Girls Avatar Builder Edition.

The applications have appeared in a single day download for BlackBerry appworld with the United States and Canada before being removed by RIM. The reasons can be manifold. RIM is considering to include this new and fun feature in the next BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 or it will release ‘again when it will be’ available for all countries. The fact that we are able to prove it.

Create and customize an avatar is very simple thanks to the multiply functions and Possibility ‘that Avatar Builder grants. They range from accessories, the earrings, a mat for yoga, animals, cameras, PDAs and more.

You choose the eyes, head shape, the shape of the face with a chance ‘to change your avatar at any time. When you are finished just save it, share it and set it as an image of the BlackBerry Messenger. All very easy, functional and fun. A well made that RIM is preparing to release for free in two versions: one male and one female.