Paradise Island Cheat – Easy Money

This game is so addictive, and if you wondering how to get money on this game, here are the trick and cheat to get easy money on Paradise Island.

First install Cheat Engine App for Android : GameCIH2 from Market

After Instaling GameCIH2 don’t forget to assign hotkey to access GameCIH2 when you play the game.

Note :

Run Paradise Island, and look for the money.

Note: Remember how much money you have.


Paradise Island Money Cheat

Active GameCIH2, touch Input Number and fill with the number of your money, wait for a while.

Then change the money to whatever you want, Example: 1000000 then back to the game. Now you have one million money to spend. You can see, I’m Level 6 but I have 1000000 money.

Walktrough and Cheat Paradise Island

Note :

  • To Install and run GameCIH2 you need to Root your Android Phone
  • If you never root your phone, the best way to get easy money on Paradise Island, just touch the plus simbol (+) on the game, then buy Paradise Island Money from the Developer!


  • Can not root samsung vibrant? help please?

    You can try using Universal Androot Beta App for rooting your phone!

  • Ok, I go to Input Number, then I put how much money I have, which is $31563, then a box pops up and I put that number in the box and press “ok”. Then it searches. I have 4 tabs that pop up,
    = ! + -, then a whole bunch of unlocked locks that have different code, like i:31563, a:31563, and 5 other things like that. How do I give my self more money, I don’t understand that part. Can you give a more detailed explanation?

    you can change a:31563 to a:10000000, so you will have money ten million…

  • ok all i get is no root root users only 🙁

  • Thanks man! I appreciate it! Is there a way to give XP?

    • And piastres?

      Just Search the number of Piastres on The Search Field, then change it!

  • I hate to bug you about this man, but I don’t understand what you mean about the search field. So.. I’m gonna try to lay down a map for ya.

    So, I set my hotkey and all that, then enter the game. Hotkey, then the menu pops up:

    Paradise Island
    Input Number
    Low Level Analysis
    Input Name

    Where do I go from there, can you give me a step by step?

    Input Number = Search Field

  • What do mean to “Root” my phone? If i have never rooted my phone, then how do i perform that and what is that for?

    Phone Model
    Motoral Flipside with AT&T

    You need to root your phone before use GAMECIH2

  • How to change the piastres?