Apple Releases New Update iTunes 10.2.2!

Apple has just released a new version of iTunes that brings us to version 10.2.2. As always, the update can be performed either by logging on to check updates to the official page of iTunes and proceeding with the download version compatible with your operating system, whether Windows or Mac

The official changelog iTunes 10.2.2 we find the following news:

  • Fixed a problem that rendered unusable during the iTunes sync of an iPad;
  • Resolved a problem that extended over time to sync photos to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad;
  • Fixed a problem with anterime videos from the iTunes Store;
  • A couple of other minor bugs and improved overall stability.

You can download iTunes 10.2.2 here At the moment there is no news on the compatibility of this update with the jailbroken devices. So if you are interested in preserving procedures for the release executed you should not upgrade iTunes.