Viber for Android is Delayed More Than Expected

Viber for Android. This is one of the recurring desires of those who are in possession of a smartphone equipped with Google’s operating system. As you know, Viber is a apps that so far works for iPhone and so far allows users to make free calls. The fact is that after the application come to iPhone, many users are being asked. When will Viber its final landing at the Android Market? The truth is that the company assured us that the application would be available from March. We’re in April and the company responsible has had to issue a statement saying that Viber for Android is delayed. We tell you why.

It is very possible that Android does not leave Viber up during the month of April. You know that in March last appeared Viber update for iPhone, a system that has already built free messages. Viber he argues, this is one of the main reasons for the delay, since the team had to become embroiled in all the launch details. Finally, one of the most important reasons that have made Viber extend the advent of Android has to do with the fact that the development of the resulting tool is not exactly easy. As explained in the support forums Viber, scheduling this application for Android is much more complicated than IOS.

However, users of Android will have no choice but to seek Viber as alternatives to the calls for free. The company has argued that quality over speed, so that they are unwilling to launch an application full of errors and impediments to the end user. The company has forecast that the application of Viber for Android will be available within a month or two, but have not been able to pinpoint an exact date. We will be attentive to when the launch occurs.