New Update: Viber 2.0 for iPhone

The folks at Apple Mobile, with the help of Viber Social Media Manager, managed to get hold of the official changelog Viber 2.0 a few days before the public release in the App Store. To follow all the details on this new and important update to the alternative application known as Skype.

Here is the all new on Viber 2.0:

  • New messaging service built into Viber!
  • Fixed many bugs with the consequent introduction of related fixes, including the most common until now: connectivity problems, problems with people who are not identified as members Viber, and others. Now the use of Viber will be much faster and free from all sorts of problems.
  • A better mechanism that will allow you to call if the person know that you will be calling by Viber’ll be really ringing the iPhone.
  • The ability to activate the option “Do not show this message again “, which will occur when you try to make a normal GSM call through Viber.
  • A new, easy option to deactivate your account from within the same application Viber
  • Moving the tab “My Favorites”.

Recall that Viber is a free application that all users can download and use with their iPhone. It is also working on a new version of the program compatible with Android.