Apple Releases iOS 4.3: Most Important New Features on iOS 4.3

If the presentation iPad 2 was one of the most anticipated events of the year, the release of IOS 4.3 does not is absolutely not. For some minutes this second expectation is over and Apple has finally made available the new update system software for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. And iOS 4.3 finally become a reality and in this article we will summarize the most important new features introduced with this firmware!

AirPlay as before, more than before.
AirPlay is the wireless technology that allows you to stream content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to an HDTV via Apple TV.1 AirPlay And today is even more powerful: in fact as well as music, movies and photos, can now also send video Pictures by the JPA. So you can shoot a movie and show it immediately to your guests. With IOS 4.3 also the Web sites and apps are compatible with AirPlay can go to the big screen. And if they are to show your photos, start a presentation using the wonderful themes of Apple TV.

Safari Performance – Now more than even Safari Safari.
When you surf the web with Safari, the reactivity of the new JavaScript engine Nitro leave amazed at your fingertips. JavaScript is up to twice as fast as in 4.2.2 iOS so pages load faster, and sites with many interactive features on-screen in a flash.

iTunes Sharing – Sharing is in the air.
Now you can enjoy your iTunes library in the entire house. With a network of shared Wi-Fi, you can play on your iPhone or iPod touch iPad all that you have on your Mac or PC.3 And not just about music: you can also enjoy a movie, a podcast or audiobook. Everything on the device you want, no download and no need to synchronize.

Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4 – Your scope has even more range.
By car, the airport, to the park. Now the Wi-Fi follows you everywhere. Download iOS 4.3 on your iPhone 4: When you’re out of Wi-Fi but 3G coverage, you can activate the “personal hotspot” and share your cellular data connection with your Mac, PC, iPad, or other device that supports Wi-Fi . Sharing works with up to five devices at a time via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, 4 and each connection is protected with a password. In no longer drains the battery because the iPhone detects hotspots if your staff is not in use and off to consume less.

Obviously iOS 4.3 includes all the features of previous firmware, including multitasking, managing folders, AirPrint, the AirPlay, service Find my iPhone, GameCenter, etc.. The new minor update in question can be found via this article!

Before proceeding with the upgrade to 4.3 iOS recommend all users to read this article. This gives you an overview about what to do before you download and install the new firmware on your device. Of course, as they become available, we will give you direct links to download IOS 4.3 from Apple’s servers, so as to significantly speed data transfer so you can install the new firmware as soon as possible!

iOS 4.3 is a reality for everyone!