Launcher 7: Windows Phone 7 Menu on Android

One of the features of Android is the fact that we can customize any part of the software. In fact, those familiar with the programming language of Android can create a s. o. to suit your needs. With the ‘arrival of Windows 7 Phone may have the curiosity to see the details of this s. o. but maybe we have no intention of abandoning Android.

If this is our case, we can valerci work done by some developers who have created a launcher inspired by Windows Phone 7. Through this launcher can have the same home models that will WP7. If you’re curious, you can immediately download this launcher, but it is only right to make an introduction: the developers themselves have warned that this launcher is just an alpha version and so there may be some bugs that will be corrected over time, especially with frequent updates .

Now, problems of “youth” aside, the launcher is ready to be tested. You can download it from here: The purpose this launcher is to turn the graphics of your smartphone Android Phone in the Windows graphical 7 and is directed mainly Coming to Windows Mobile and the world feels a little ‘lack of style icons of Windows. As you can see, Android with everyone