Nintendo 64 Emulator for Android

Just as yesterday we were talking about Nintendo battle against Smartphones and economic games that are generated for these, we find a Nintendo 64 emulator that allows us to play the best selection of Nintendo games: Super Mario, Mario Kart and even Legend of Zelda .

Thanks to Yongzheng, the new Nintendo 64 emulator for Android, we will be able to enjoy the best classics on our phones. Some of the titles found in the list include the Yongzheng emulator Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Legend of Zelda, so as not to miss the chance to play from the cell.

The Yongzheng emulator is now available for download from the Android Market, and although not free, worth having in mind. Comes with onscreen controls, and options for using the accelerometer like an analog controller or set via hardware control (ideal for cases where we have physical keyboard).

The good news is that this is an official Google application, it is rare because there are many intellectual property rights through by Nintendo you might be calling soon, so if you have a cell phone with Android, do not hesitate downloading it at least to try. For the more nostalgic, Yongzheng has other free and premium emulators of classic games from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Atari, and Game Gear are all available from its own product page.