BBM – BlackBerry Messenger Come to iPhone and Android

In early 2011 we found out that BlackBerry BES was considering extending it to other platforms and then confirmed that the BlackBerry Playbook run Android applications, but follow the movements of RIM to bring its popular services to other mobile platforms.

As revealed in BGR citing “multiple reliable sources”, Research In Motion BlackBerry Messenger is planning to Android and “possibly” also iOS.

BBM BlackBerry Messenger and iPhoneBlackBerry Android would still not close the details about the release date or price and strategy is still being developed: some risk that could become a free but others say that RIM would charge a fee for application at one time or periodic cost for accessing BBM from third party platforms.

While many think that BBM is what continues to make people buy RIM teams, it’s interesting that someone actually put into practice what that manufacturers now must be software companies and is an interesting acceptance WhatsApp applications like (or anyone can come and innovate in the segment) or even Facebook (if it improves your chat and change of strategy) may come to banish BlackBerry Messenger from one day to another.

And if we think that between iOS, Android and BlackBerry have almost the whole world of smartphones would be something spectacular that RIM holds the messaging application using all (if he wins the other platforms). Additionally, if RIM makes the whole experience of BBM only for BlackBerry devices may end up giving users on other platforms is an example of what can be achieved and complete service to attract more buyers.

From BGR said that for now, sources have confirmed the version of BlackBerry Messenger for Android and its release would be this year: the first Android chosen because it is much easier to develop and integrate the service into an open platform, but the plan is to build iOS also version for sometime.