Pinch Cross : Now Available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad

Cross Pinch new instant messaging application that came to the Blackberry. We stated that this application is already available in Apple and Android devices and Blackberry now in a beta version with some features that other messaging applications do not have a leaderboard and prizes.


  • Makes it easy to keep in touch and interact with your contacts, without having to switch between applications. With Pinch Cross can send messages and animated emoticons, explore the cities through games and contests, and find people with an interactive map pin-through Google.
  • You can add friends directly from phone contacts, Facebook or Twitter and group them by categories. His friends, colleagues, family and everyone can take their own group easy access.
  • Do not spend more money on SMS because it uses the data plan from your mobile to send around the world.
  • Add games and friendly competition for users. Each time you use clip to send messages and checkpoints and accumulate points to win prizes, gifts and other fun IPAD.

For BlackBerry devices will come in first in a BETA version as for Facebook, the Web, Windows Mobile and Symbian; for iPhone, iPad, ITouch and Android are already officially.