Location Services Fix for iPhone: a Tweak to Fix the GPS Problem after Jailbreak

A problem that, since the Spirit and JailbreakMe period, users are notified immediately after the execution of the jailbreak concerns the inability to properly use the GPS service and the location of the device. With Location Services Fix this problem will be fixed by simply installing the package from Cydia again allowing the user to take advantage of this important function.

Fix Location Services is compatible with all devices will be jailbroken and to correct two major errors in the GPS signal reception (“Location can not be Determined” “Can not Determine Location”) allowing re-use of this feature. With this tweak, for example, users who have upgraded their devices to iOS 4.2.1 will, if they have problems with the location, again using the useful service FindMyiPhone.

However, this tweak is not compatible with the iPhone baseband which were resolved by installing the version dell’iPad (6:15:00). You can download Fix Location Services by adding the repository in Cydia PushFix.