WhatsApp or PingChat for Blackberry? That is the Question?

One of the advantages that had always been highlighting the Blackberry was the Blackberry Messenger, a chat service among mobile RIM, but the exclusivity of the service his days with the popularity of flat rates and has been since they have appeared several free messaging applications between phones and also supports multiple platforms. In this case speak of the two most frequently used PingChat! and WhatsApp.

Both PingChat! WhatsApp Messenger and have the advantage of being cross-platform and function basically the same, although the most significant difference is that while PingChat! believe we need an ID and must know that of our friends to chat with them, WhatsApp use our phone number as ID and sync with our agenda to show the contacts who use the application.

Both applications use our internet connection for sending messages, whether 3G or WiFi, so they are a good alternative to SMS, and both allow you to send, in addition to text messages, photos, videos, audio, contacts and maps, plus the group chat. The messages we receive the phone as if it were a text message with a visual and audible warning.

We have mentioned that both applications have been published are cross-platform applications for Blackberry, Android and iPhone and WhatsApp also has a beta for Symbian S60 Nokias.

PingChat! was the first to appear and therefore has a strong user base, but the arrival WhatsApp revolutionized the market to be more usable and come with interesting news to those PingChat! I’ve updated. In both applications now offer essentially the same service but personally I think the interface is more friendly WhatsApp would also go more smoothly.

In contrast, the price goes for PingChat! since it is free and includes advertising, began as payloads, while WhatsApp is priced at 0.79 euros.

Personally I prefer WhatsApp for its integration with the phonebook, but I recognize that the use of these applications often be defined by our environment and to use that application just keeps us in touch with our friends, which is really what matters.