Angry Birds Valentine’s Day, New Adventures of Angry Birds from the February 14

Love and love, that which we expected on 14 February, Valentine’s Day. Nor as romantic date of poultry and pigs Angry Birds seal the peace, but at least printed on their fun and colorful world the general tone of such high-profile appointment in the calendar. And is that they report Rovio guys, very popular Finnish game developer, the next day of love will come a special edition dedicated to the most romantic day of the year. For now, no news of the platforms that will debut this new Angry Birds, although it is likely to be released simultaneously in Symbian, Android and IOS. What it does is a mystery is what will bring new thematic issue of Angry Birds for Valentines.

In addition to some new scenarios that anticipate very far Anne Igartiburu (ie, either full of hearts), it is anticipated that there will be a better game to new levels with those that soothe the anxieties of this addictive game. This special issue is not the only one left to see in the world of the Angry Birds. Previously, fans of this saga that tells his followers by the millions had been done with the game thematic expansion.

First was the issue of Halloween, where the big birds faced the enemy in a world full of pumpkins for the occasion. And a month later, he landed in stores Edition downloadable applications Christmas, with snow scenes, snowmen and garlands galore.