MiniFighters for iPhone/ iPad and iPod Touch

As usual we will give you a look at another of the innovations that we have found in the App Store. Today we choose MiniFighters for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And we’ve hit a turn-based combat game.

The thing is simple and easy. Here these young fighters are engaged in shift throw pots and try to get more hits than its rival. It pulled everything from soccer balls, to pans, martial arts weapons or plungers. The grace of the game is to take into account the wind direction and speed, so that your release does not pass the target, or whatever it is, the head of the opponent. So overall, we found a pretty boring game. And is there is very little to do. You choose the character you want to fight and loose your device at the right time. Just over a part of some options, such as throwing twice, is what gives this MiniFighters. There is more mechanical in there that we have enjoyed it. The rate at which it all unfolds is too slow and monotonous. No surprise there anywhere. Other developers have not crushed the meninges.

Graphically this MiniFighters mark it as a very oriental. Both the characters and scenarios. One character is a cat who now can not identify, but we believe it has to do with a Japanese series or something. The game is 3D, but we can assure that this does not add one iota more of interest or enjoyment of the game. He is described as a fun and simple game battles. It’s simple we can attest to that. But the fun does not see it anywhere. To another dog with that bone.

MiniFighters costs € 0.79 in the App Store, and not that it is a fortune, but this is to try and erase it after five minutes.