Gun Bros – New 3D Game for Android

Gun Bros is a great 3D shooting game for android able to maintain your attention for a while. The story of Gun Bros is fun and the shots will test your pulse and your ability to shoot. Gun Free Download 3D Bros here!

Gun Bros Description
Gun Bros is a game for Android that will play super soldiers to defeat the fighters controlled bioengineering TOOL Gun Bros is a game of attack and defense, so you should be aggressive and agile to avoid being killed by your opponents. In addition, you will gain money and can buy new equipment.

Glu Gun Bros has released a beta application, so some features are missing or need improvement. Older phones will have difficulty running the game without problems, occasionally freezes for a second or two, and the movement or shooting accuracy can be a problem depending on the responsiveness of your screen.

But the multiplayer modes and more efficient paths to updates on the horizon, so do not be surprised if the game gets better eventually. However, by the time you have this Beta version is not bad, I assure you.

To play you need a compatible phone with Android 2.1 Eclair or later.