New Features Found in iOS 4.3 Beta 1

As announced a few moments ago, Apple launched the iOS 4.3 beta 1 for developers, and in this article we will show the main features found in this new version:

  • The IOS 4.3 Add a host of new APIs for AVFoundation, streaming video via AirPlay and new APIs for deploying the full screen iAD
  • As he talked, now the iPhone can be used as a Wi-Fi HotSpot! This function is very useful and can use the iPhone as a Wi-Fi router.
  • The choice of location services has moved. Now is the beginning of the setup screen, just below the notification.
  • The IOS 4.3 includes a new keyboard layout semi-transparent.
  • New icon for the FaceTime application on the iPod Touch
  • New in-camera effects:
  1. Thermal Camera
  2. X-ray
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Normal
  5. Tunnel of Light
  6. CollapseTurbine
  7. Enlarge
  • Now in the iPad the key to the rotation lock can be set to mute, like the iPhone.
  • Changed the sound of the camera to capture a photo or screen shot.
  • Ability to configure how often repeated SMS alerts
  • Added to the statistics of use Tether Data transfers
  • Changed the screen updates to the App Store.