Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Beta for Developers

Apple just released the first beta of iOS 4.3 for all devices, but it seems that this time the update will be out of the iPhone 3G and 2G Touch Ipota still be available for other higher devices, including Apple TV iPad .

This first beta brings interesting improvements, of which some already known ones listed below. multi-touch gestures for the iPad: Apple has added the ability to use multiple touch gestures to perform different actions, like opening the menu to move between applications multitasking or more fingers to slide across the screen.

  • Ability to use the iPhone as HotSpot: Those who have more than one device can use the iPhone as a modem to connect from an iPad for example.
  • New icon for FaceTime on the iPod Touch.
  • Possible new effects for the camera: In a plist file to the new firmware, you can read several names that give rise to potential new camera effects such as X rays, thermal camera, light tunnel, turbine or kaleidoscope.
  • Ability to change the role of the iPad side switch: Now you can select from the settings menu, if you want the side switch serves to block the rotation or mute the device.
  • New API’s for airplay, or LiveStream iad.
  • Ability for developers to use in their applications AirPlay.