Rope Cut is Cut The Rope for Android

If you are surprised by the huge success that is imposing Cut The Rope for iPhone and can not wait for the people of Chillingo ZeptoLab and deign to launch an Android version of the game, find a safe alternative.

Rope Cut is a game for Android, a game released on the app store Feelingtouch the company saw the opportunity to capitalize on all those users who are eager to try Cut The Rope on their computers Android.

Clearly Rope Cut is a mere copy of Cut The Rope not only in name but also in graphics and even Feelingtouch has no problem mentioning themselves as “Cut the Rope – version Android”on his Facebook page (at less was spent on changing Om Nom by a small green snake).

Be seen if the owners decide to make Cut The Rope trial but in the meantime, you can download Rope Cut on Android Market and have some fun.