New Android Game: Dungeon Defenders

After having shown Infinity Blade iPhone last week, users of Android may have been a little envious with a game that uses the Unreal Engine in a way surprising. But do not despair, because this week I’ll release a game for the platform from Google with the same engine that has nothing to envy to the iPhone game already mentioned. We’re talking about Dungeon Defenders, and will have to keep reading if you want to know what it is.

Dungeon Defenders is a game mixing the type of tower defense game with elements of action RPG type games. The game currently runs on high-end phones available, so you will not have problem to play. And they say the 5,000 sales in a few days, the game is worth your money. Without hesitation, we can say that Dungeon Defenders has the best graphics we see in Android, and for only $ 2.99, we will squeeze every penny.

Anyway, do not rush to download the game, as there are some considerations that should be considered. First, make sure to read the fund’s minimum requirements to play, otherwise the game will run a few FPS, and not worth paying the price. They should also know that weighs 600MB, so you will have a good time to leave your phone connected.

Defenders Dungeon will allow us to assume the role of four different types of heroes, and fight hordes of hostile creatures, citing a number of towers and traps around our castle. We level up, collect items, customize our team and develop our skills class. All this plus the new expansion that allows us to play PvP (player vs. player).

If your device goes into the features mentioned, the minimum is 512MB of RAM, with Android 2.1 and a minimum 800MHz CPU, do not hesitate to download it, it will take a great way to show off your phone, and also have a good time playing games of excellent quality) If you already have downloaded and installed, do not hesitate to tell us how your experience was.

Supported Devices:

  • Best: All-based Tegra 2
  • High-end: Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy and S-line phones
  • Midrange: T-Mobile G2, X Droid, Droid 2

Technical data:

  • Price: $ 2.99
  • Operating System: Android 2.1 or higher (see supported devices)
  • Download Link: Look for “Dungeon Defenders” in Android Market
  • Official website: Dungeon Defenders