The Sims 3 for Android Now Available for Download

Late but sure, EA released the Sims 3 for Android, a year after its iPhone version saw the light. The game sells for $ 4.99 from the Android Market. The game was previously available on the T-Mobile Vibrant but as unique. This time, it is the first that anyone can buy the game from the official app store.

EA Mobile also launched the Need for Speed to Market today, and with this title came to a total of 4 sets of the company in the app store. There are also reports that the Madden NFL 11 will launch the Market sometime next year.

Everything indicates that EA is stepping up efforts to enter the Android market. If we’re lucky, Gameloft people recognize this, and want to get a share of the profits.

Given these actions, we can deduce what we expected: more iPhone games, made for Android. And if it moves you can see the list of EA games for iPhone, and tell us what game you would like to see on their phone;)