iOS 4.2 Now Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Some hours ago Apple announced its new update iOS 04.02, available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The latter tablet users are probably the most were waiting for this update, since it is the first release of iOS 4 that can be used, thus enabling a wide array of new features that have hitherto dreamed. Among these new features in this update, we can name:

  • Multitasking in the iPad
  • Folders in the iPad
  • Game Center: We can compete against our friends online, competing in the ranking and other features in the App Store.
  • Airprint: with this we can print content from our device wirelessly.
  • Airplay: playing in streaming multimedia content from our IOS devices to an
  • Apple TV or compatible speakers.
  • Find my iPhone: a new feature for our free iPod or iPhone that allows us to find, block or delete our device with a MobileMe account.

And this at last, after so much hype, rumors and confusion about what would this new update, Apple has all their latest generation devices at the same level, and as Steve Jobs says “making the iPad 4.2 iOS a completely new product, just in time for the holidays. ” Maybe we can not take this to mean that now the iPad is an entirely new product, but certainly adds many features that one would expect in a tablet, the most important multitasking, of course.

Another aspect that many users searched for were the improvements in functionality for users of iPhone 3G, which reported problems, and even complained to Apple to return the 3G iPhone obsolete by design. After this, the company said this new version of IOS improve the functionality of the new system for this device, so you can avoid these allegations once and for all.

The update will be gradually turning from iTunes during the day (probably still can not update it), so be patient and keep their small objects of worship connected to your computer, even if it hurts them both in the heart: D