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Free Download Culinary Guess Game for Android

Do you like to eat traditional food? Everyone would like culinary, especially when you are together with our loved ones, when we are with family or friends gathering together.

Do not you love culinary claim to not play that game “Culinary Guess” game for Android. Simple game that will test you to guess the different types of food from around Indonesia and the world. Test your ability to remember the names of various foods commonly enjoyed everyday.

Culinary Guess game very easy to play, and of course will test your memory about culinary. Served with a simple graph, playing Guess Culinary appear to display easily played and of course you can play this game without an internet connection, because the culinary guessing game 100% game offline.

Culinary Guess game can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store directly from your Android phone –

Angry Birds Epic for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone available in Store

Angry Birds Epic for Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone only 8.x, is the return of more pissed the world with a new adventure, but that has nothing to do with what we have known so far. If you were used to the physics-based games, now is the turn to embark on a RPG where you have to fight to death against the pigs again.

Which begs Angry Birds Epic for Nokia Lumia is a game of turn-based combat old-fashioned and well known. The mission consists of tour the island at all times and fight the pigs. Abundares have weapons, we can also make ourselves, magic potions or armor to protect you. A new way to play with characters that have already become legendary within this world.

Angry Birds Epic for Nokia Lumia is available free on Windows Phone or Store.

Machinarium for Nokia Lumia Now Available in Windows Phone Store

Machinarium for Nokia Lumia is a game that will like much to puzzle lovers, and all those who appreciate the work behind a well done game. This has not only entertaining and fun, and the graphics that can be considered a work of art. After success on other platforms, and have it available on Windows Phone Store.

Here you do not have the reflexes and speed when playing, since Nokia Lumia Machinarium is a game where you must solve lots of puzzles to advance the story of Josef, a robot must return to their city and found Berta with his beloved. You have to take it easy and throw a few hours, which also will be the most entertaining. For lovers of puzzles can be a challenge and a joy to behold.

Machinarium for Nokia Lumia is available for 4.49 euros in Windows Phone Store.

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