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Install Games and Applications for Samsung S5560

Below are the steps to install games and applications phones Samsung S5560. You need the cable to connect your phone to your computer and files. jad and. jar for your games and applications. If a game only has the file. jad, do not worry, nothing happens, it is because you only need the. jar. Lets get started

  • Connect the phone to the computer as a “mass storage”or “memory card”
  • On your computer, go to My Computer> Removable Disk> other files
  • Trasnfiere files to that folder. jar and / or. jad of your games or applications
  • Turn the power off and wait to finish reading the memory card. I know looking at the icon of the card, which must be white. This is the time left on the screen
  • You go to Menu> Media> Other files and open the files you have transferred

If the game / application was both formats (. jad and. jar), but you have to open the JAD file. After you open the file installed. jar

Jolicloud: No Longer Just An Alternative Operating System (OS), but Also Interesting Service Accessible Via Browser

For those not familiar, Jolicloud is an operating system based on Ubuntu but with a pronounced tendency to cloud-sharing and social services; Well some time has extended its services to many Web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox making it an interesting web service.

After a quick registration for which sufficient full name (not necessarily real) and an email (that yes, true, in order to complete registration) to access the main page where you will find grouped together the main social networks and more: we have indeed the ability to access various Google services (Gmail, Youtube, Gdocs …) and then Flickr, Wikipedia, Dropbox, Windows Live is really a myriad of other sites and services, easily arranged on our own homepage. Really interesting is the possibility to change the background of the webpage.
At the end we get the feeling of being in a new personal and highly customizable Desktop within our browser.

But the latest news about Jolicloud is that you can use it through Safari, even with our iPad. If you want to see you can register here hxxp://

HTC Desire is Upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in April-May

Three British operator Mobile has confirmed that the HTC Desire will be updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in late April or early May for free mobile.

In February we inform you that the HTC Desire is updated Android 2.3 in the second quarter of 2011. Now we know the exact date. Three UK Mobile operator reported through its official Twitter HTC Desire receive the upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread late April or early May for devices free.

For its part, the phones are not free have to wait a little longer because they are the operators who are responsible for distributing updates. Remember that if you do not want to wait, and you have a number of Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROMs for HTC Desire.

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